Our Vision

We focus on small businesses, Independent films and documentaries, music producers, actors, content marketers, municipalities and government contracts, nonprofits, construction companies, athletics and events marketing. Small to medium content marketers may not have the money to invest in the equipment necessary to produce their own digital marketing pieces. Our goal is to increase their awareness and assist in telling their stories.

Legacy Networks provides services that are tailored to the needs of budget conscious content marketers, filmmakers and videographers. We provide the equipment & expertise necessary to produce high quality projects on the go and at a competitive price point. The results are more projects on the production schedule, increasing the visibility awareness and experience of all involved. Meeting the demand for content with cost effective solutions. All projects services include - Cameras, audio, lighting and electrical; Green screen set up in house and on the go at multiple locations; Distribution to meet demands both local /domestic and international markets; Artist mentor and agency opportunities; Editing, makeup, animation and special effects, set design and construction; Open casting calls.

at the service
of your Vision."

Our primay customer is the Small business entrepenuer and the Artists interested in showcasing their work. Writers especially, whose work can be easily adapted to film projects will be assited in Book launch and making the transition from page to screen.